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Wolfe Brothers
Artist: Wolfe Brothers
Track: What You Make It
Single: What You Make It

The Wolfe Brothers, Nick and Tom, have released a classic Wolfe Brothers song, What You Make It. “It was written with our great mate Phil Barton at my kitchen table when he was visiting from Nashville,” says Nick.

“We've written many songs with Phil and usually due to our shared love of big anthems, we end up shooting for something in that zone. It was really nice to write something in a different headspace this time. In many ways this is my favourite lyric on the record. It talks about how things are just things until you attach a memory to them, and then simple objects or places can come to mean so much more. If you've followed our band for a while and know our history, I think you'll see how honest and “us” this lyric is.”

Tom says, “We are so happy with the fans’ response to the Kids on Cassette album and we are really looking forward to heading out on the road again.”

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