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Will Day—

Will Day
Artist: Will Day
Track: Dear Dad
Album: Dear Dad

Country singer–songwriter Will Day has released his powerful ballad Dear Dad in tribute to his late father. Co-written with fellow country music artist, Hayley Jensen, the track touches on the love of his father, the times they shared and how he wishes he were here today to have a beer, share special moments and watch his young family grow up. The song is bound to resonate with music lovers, especially in a year that has been very unpredictable and ever-changing.

“This song is extremely close to my heart. I lost my Dad to Brain Cancer when I was 18; he was 49. I miss him very much. The song was co-written with Hayley Jensen who also lost her Dad to cancer and shares the pain I feel. This is why we were able to capture such emotion in the song. Yes, it’s about my story and losing my Dad but this song is for everyone who has lost their Father whether they were young or old. It doesn’t matter how long you had your Dad for, when they leave it leaves a massive hole. I want the song to connect with those people. I thought it would be extra meaningful to release the track around Father’s Day as there are so many of us who each year think of our Dad a lot around that time. If only for a day, just one day,” says Will.

Website: Will Day

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