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Will Day—

Will Day
Artist: Will Day
Track: Countrified
Album: Countrified

Will Day’s new, supercharged single Countrified is energetic, authentic and dynamic. The song tells the story of transforming a city slicker’s life to a country one.

“Being the title track of my debut album, I’m extremely excited for the world to hear this song. Co-written with Skye Day, it’s rockin’, in your face and gritty. It very much correlates to what people can expect in one of my live shows. I feel with the rise of modern country rock over the last decade, there’s a whole lot of folks who have been converted to country music and everything it stands for. This song is all about that and the process of being Countrified,” says Will.

The track follows Will’s heartfelt ballad, Dear Dad.

With a loyal fan base, a genuine gift of storytelling, combined with compelling vocals and the ability to connect with a crowd, Will is fast becoming one of Australia’s premier rising artists and one that will undoubtably be around for many years to come.

Website: Will Day

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