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Whistle Dixie
Artist: Whistle Dixie
Track: Wildfire
Album: Blast Off

Wildfire is from Whistle Dixie’s new album Blast Off. The band, comprising Sheldon Lindsay (lead, vocals, drums and percussion), John Rorke (guitar, piano, banjo and stomp), and Kyla Allen (lead, vocals, tambourine), has been dazzling audiences since 2015 with rich harmonies, smart song writing and a unique approach to country music. Wildfire is no exception. The melodic, heartfelt track shines a spotlight on the band’s honey-like vocals and reaches into your soul with an authenticity that’s sure to captivate any listener.

Wildfire was recorded at Impromptu Studio Tighes Hill in Whistle Dixie’s home town of Newcastle. It was produced by Mark Tinson, who has worked with local acts including Silverchair, Screaming Jets and Sue Cruickshank, as well as Angry Anderson, Angels, Doug Parkinson and The Cockroaches.

Whistle Dixie has opened for some of the country’s biggest names including Diesel, Karise Eden, Troy Cassar-Daley, Russell Morris, The Whitlams and Phil Jamieson. The band was also a finalist in the 2017 Country Music Busking Championships.

Website: Whistle Dixie

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