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Vixens of Fall—

Vixens of Fall
Artist: Vixens of Fall
Track: Crooked Crown
Single: Crooked Crown

The queens of boho country rock, Vixens of Fall, return with their new single Crooked Crown, a sunny ode to bringing kindness to the world in troubled times. “This song was written to inspire everyone to reach out and be the kind of person to share love, respect and positivity,” the Vixens say. “To straighten someone’s ‘crooked crown’ is to lift a person up, dust them off and be there for support; and we believe this is what the world needs now more than ever!”

The song was written alongside Australian country music royalty Rod McCormack and Gina Jefferys, and in collaboration with two Nashville hitmakers Sam Gay and Tempelton Thompson. It was recorded on the NSW Central Coast at The Music Cellar by Rod McCormack.

Vixens of Fall—comprising the three sisters, Kristina (Nina), Adrienne (Wren) and Anneliese (Lulu)—is a family of harmonious voices that has captivated country fans and critics alike with a fresh brand of sound carrying joy and optimism. Crooked Crown is an encouragement to help out our mates who are doing it tough, to pick them up, straighten them up and to be the light in the darkness. As they sing, “if you see her heart aching, don’t just stand there waiting.” Crooked Crown is another winning song from the multi-faceted trio set on making the world a better place.

Website: Vixens of Fall

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