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Vixens of Fall
Artist: Vixens of Fall
Track: The Long Game
Single: The Long Game

Queensland sisters, Vixens of Fall, are back with their new single, The Long Game, following their previous single And Then We Dance.

Comprising sisters Adrienne, Anneliese and Kristina, Vixens of Fall’s songs are playful but heartfelt, reflecting the sisters’ passion and experience.

Wasting no time during the global lockdown, Vixens of Fall spent time recording on the NSW Central Coast on a collection of new material, which includes The Long Game, at Rod McCormack’s well-known studio, The Music Cellar.

The song, co-written by Rod McCormack and Nashville based writers Sam Gay and Templeton Thompson, heralds a new beginning in a vastly changed landscape to the trio’s previous singles. It’s a song which speaks of the strength of womanhood and reflects on the lives of a “sassy Country girl, who doesn’t give her heart easily”.

The lyrics for the track were inspired by the sisters’ mother, whom they fondly refer to as “Mama Vixen”. The eldest, Kristina, explains. “Mama always taught us that people come in and out of our lives for a reason. Our soul mates however, are the people that we recognise instinctively and who awaken a feeling of wanting them in our lives for the long term, hence The Long Game.”

Website: Vixens of Fall

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