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The Viper Creek Gang
Artist: The Viper Creek Gang
Track: Green Light
Album: Beautiful Destruction

Green Light is lifted from The Viper Creek Gang’s upcoming album, Beautiful Destruction, to be released next year.

Following the success of their 2016 release Just Press Play, the band began working on the new album and front man Damien Baguley started writing songs for this release. Producer Andrew Cochrane called on the pens of Nashville songwriters Skip Black and Brennin Hunt and the first time Damien heard Green Light he was hooked and the band knew it had to be the first single.

“As soon as I heard Green Light, I loved it straight away,” Damien said. “It’s a bit of a departure from what we’ve done previously, but we loved the sexy kind of lyric with the premise of the song being a guy asking the girl to give him the green light to take their relationship to the next level. I love the great, modern country vibe that it has.”

The sound of the new album, Beautiful Destruction, is eclectic covering everything from country, to more modern country pop/rock songs, through to tracks with a bluesy southern feel. “The whole idea with this album was there were no rules,” Damien said. “If we liked the song, it was going on, regardless of style. I think it works, even though we pushed the boundaries a little bit with this one; it still sounds like a Viper Creek record to me.

Website: The Viper Creek Gang

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