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Tyson Lucas—

Tyson Lucas
Artist: Tyson Lucas
Track: Lake Tinaroo
Single: Lake Tinaroo

Writing a song about a young life lost too soon is never an easy task, but Tyson Lucas has risen to the occasion with his latest single Lake Tinaroo. Written with award-winning artist Brad Butcher, Lake Tinaroo was written after the death of a friend of a friend, Aaron Burns, who died in December aged just seventeen.

“After a party in Dysart, Aaron decided to go for a drive from Dysart to Moranbah to get McDonald’s, which was a bit of a rite of passage, but unfortunately he didn’t make it home,” Tyson said. “Aaron rolled his car and died in the accident. My mate, Dylan, asked if I was able to write a song about Aaron to help the healing process because it hit the town, Dylan’s family and Aaron’s family really hard.” Tyson and Brad wrote Lake Tinaroo from memories sent to Tyson from Aaron’s friends, his mum and sister. Tyson was involved in a car accident around the same time, so it hit him particularly hard about how precious life really was. “We drew a couple of those things out and did our best to put them into a song,” Tyson said.

Website: Tyson Lucas

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