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Tyla Rodrigues—

Tyla Rodrigues
Artist: Tyla Rodrigues
Track: Way Out West
Single: Way Out West

Country Singer-Songwriter Tyla Rodrigues returns with her heartwarming ballad Way Out West.

Whenever anyone mentions the name Tyla Rodrigues, heads turn. From standout performances at Tamworth Country Music Festival, to constant touring around Brisbane and Southeast Queensland and beyond, the word is spreading fast. Known for her down to earth friendly nature and stunning vocal range, this gifted singer–songwriter is certainly on her way to stardom.

Way Out West is dynamic yet soulful. It can be an emotional roller coaster when the memory of somebody lasts longer than the time that you have spent with them. The track takes you through the journey of outrunning the memory of somebody that you once knew. With a modern twist on the traditional sounds of country music, it is an honest, raw and vulnerable ballad that intends to make anyone going through the process of losing somebody a little less lonely.

With captivating vocals, a gift of storytelling and undeniably engaging stage presence, Tyla has performed at various high-profile festivals, events and venues. Her style is influenced by the sounds of Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, combined with Miranda Lambert, Luke Combs, and Chris Stapleton. From this, she has created her unique country–pop style that incorporates the twangy love of classic country with soulful R&B.

Website: Tyla Rodrigues

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