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Troy Cassar-Daley—

Troy Cassar-Daley
Artist: Troy Cassar-Daley
Track: Back on Country
Album: The World Today

Australian country music legend Troy Cassar-Daley has released the first single, Back on Country, from his upcoming album The World Today, his first studio album in five years.

Troy says, “Back on Country is a term largely used by Indigenous Australians and it gives us the feeling of belonging. My dream is that everyone can feel connection and have the responsibility to look after Our land together as one people.” The driving, guitar laden track caries that message with Troy’s iconic vocals and powerful song writing.

The forthcoming album was sparked from a moment of deep reflection. “The World Today songs started flowing not long after losing my Father. I looked at myself in the mirror one morning and asked myself ‘what do I have to say?’ and ‘where do I go from here?’ Then COVID hit and I was like a rudderless ship bouncing in a sea of nothingness. Instead of staying in the darkness that had surrounded me I found light in making music and telling stories, which was my saving grace as a kid and to this day as an adult. Suddenly I had 25 songs, a new deal with Sony Music Australia and some purpose to make new music once again.”

Pulling himself from that dark time, Troy found joy in writing with old friends and playing bass and drums on some of the rough demos in his home studio, joined by friends and long-time collaborators, producer Matt Fell and engineer Ted Howard.

Website: Troy Cassar-Daley

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