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Travis Collins
Artist: Travis Collins
Track: Chill
Album: Any Less Anymore

Nine albums into an incredible career, Travis Collins is hitting new highs with his latest album, Any Less Anymore, which has delivered four Top 10 singles to date, including five weeks at #1 CountryTown Hot50 chart single, Runnin’ the Country, a collaboration with great friends, The Wolfe Brothers. Now as we head into summer, Travis drops the latest track, Chill.

As Travis describes it, “Chill has definitely grown on me over the last couple months; the more I played it it’s become one of my absolute favourites on the record. It’s all about wanting to get back out in the world. I wrote this song towards the end of the pandemic, and I remember talking with my wife and saying, ‘hey, let's just get on the road, let's just get on a plane, let's go somewhere and just sit on a beach chair under an umbrella and drink beer or margaritas, just have a damn good time and chill.’”

Website: Travis Collins

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