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Tom Curtain—

Tom Curtain
Artist: Tom Curtain
Track: She Gave Us the Song
Album: We’re Still Here

Tom Curtain is a multiple Golden Guitar winning Independent singer–songwriter, entertainer, horseman, entrepreneur, family-man and spokesman for rural health. He lives and works in outback Northern Territory.

Tom has experienced his fair share of hardships from growing up in drought, to an industry collapse and nearly losing his livelihood, to reinventing his business and life by ignoring all those who said he couldn’t do it. It is these experiences, together with his positive and determined outlook on life that define the person Tom is and that has inspired his creative song writing.

In May, Lee Kernaghan forwarded Garth Porter a draft of some lyrics written by Kelly Dixon that honour the astounding contribution Joy McKean has made to Australian Country Music. Garth got to work creating She Gave Us the Song and offered it to Tom to include on his album.

Website: Tom Curtain

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