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Tom Curtain—

Tom Curtain
Artist: Tom Curtain
Track: When the Rain Comes Down
Single: When the Rain Comes Down

Golden Guitar winner Tom Curtain has returned with a rousing message to farmers at the mercy of mother nature on his new single, When the Rain Comes Down.

Tom has made a name for himself in country music by living and breathing the words he sings with raw authenticity that is swiftly embraced in an often-divisive genre. When the Rain Comes Down reminds us of the hardship endured by families suffering through drought. Ultimately, however, this song is one of resilience and celebration, as the rumble of distant thunder and whiff of moisture in the darkening sky signal much needed aid. “We wanted to portray the many emotions of a breaking drought including the joy, relief, jubilation and gratefulness,” explains the big-hatted singer-songwriter. “Following the months and years of worry and pressure that a lack of rain can place on families in rural communities.”

When the Rain Comes Down is the follow up to the massively successful Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now. Penned alongside long-time collaborator and producer, Garth Porter, Tom recalls being drawn to it from the moment he heard it. The track’s most stirring moment is perhaps the stunning voice of Robyn Martin (The New Graces) pirouetting atop a meandering mandolin; symbolising the impact drought can bear on the whole family.

Tom Curtain is the real McCoy, living and working on the land and echoing that same sentiment through his music. When the Rain Comes Down is a shining example of his willingness to push the envelope with country music, mixing modern production with genuine and relatable stories. Its direct message is beautifully communicated through Australian imagery, reminding us of Curtain’s unquestionable authenticity.

Website: Tom Curtain

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