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Tammy Moxon
Artist: Tammy Moxon
Track: Saved Me
Single: Saved Me

Australian country music’s silk-toned songbird, Tammy Moxon, rings in the new year with her single Saved Me, a cathartic ballad about finding happiness.

John Nutting of Australian Country Radio praises Tammy’s “traditional voice that blends modern country in a way that makes this lady unique ... and totally original.” Navigating the balance between country music’s cherished roots and its cutting-edge evolution, is what Tammy does so well, solidifying her distinct musical identity.

Saved Me opens with a breezy acoustic guitar, akin to a soothing lullaby that immediately envelops the listener in a sense of calm. Tammy’s unmistakable twang then takes centre stage as she soulfully croons, “Lord, I know I’m not perfect.... Though many times I fail at trying to be,” setting the stage for the emotional journey that unfolds.

“In Saved Me, I wanted to shed some light on the people that saved me from me when I was at my lowest,” reflects Tammy. “They raised me up and loved me through the process. This song is so cathartic for me to sing in public. It’s the most honest song I’ve ever written.” Tammy’s candour is a reminder that sometimes our worst enemy can be found in the mirror. “You saved me from me,” she echoes in the song’s refrain.

The release of Saved Me follows Tammy’s previous single Comfy, which garnered praise from Australian songwriting legend Allan Caswell. “She writes great, sings great and is not scared to be country. Tammy Moxon has a huge future.”

Tammy Moxon’s Saved Me is an unfiltered song of resilience and gratitude. With its gentle production and Tammy’s embracing vocal, the track transcends chords and lyrics, possessing the power to heal. With yet another triumph, Tammy reaffirms her status as an ever-popular and influential singer-songwriter in the Australian country music scene.

Website: Tammy Moxon

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