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Storm & Stone
Artist: Storm & Stone
Track: Town That Made Me
Single: Town That Made Me

Storm & Stone, comprising siblings Auriel, Hallelujah and August, have released their new single Town That Made Me.

The sisters say the song is a reflection on the close family ties and formative influences that shaped their music. “This song is a tribute to the people that made us. Our family and everyone that made a difference in our lives. It’s about the town that we were born in and the people who raised us.”

From the Blue Mountains of NSW, the sisters share a rich cultural blend of Hungarian, Scottish and Thai heritage. They have a diverse set of influences underpinned by Dolly Parton and Led Zeppelin.

Town That Made Me, produced, mixed and engineered by Matt (Xiro) Fioravant was a finalist in the Song of the Year International Songwriting Competition, and a key part of the Australian feature film “Love You Like That”. “The narrative of the film holds a lot of parallels to our song. Community, family and love are all central themes to it. It felt like a moment that tapped into the place and people we grew up with and truly represents a lot of people’s hometowns,” says Hallelujah.

Website: Storm & Stone

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