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Steve Sparrow—

Steve Sparrow
Artist: Steve Sparrow
Track: Paint Your Cactus Green
Album: Paint Your Cactus Green

Paint Your Cactus Green is accomplished singer–songwriter Steve Sparrow’s fourth single from his album of the same name.

This album captures Steve’s work at its best. Showcasing his musicianship and strong songwriting style, Paint Your Cactus Green talks about those special moments in life that are so much a part of raising children.

The song was written after Steve and his then six-year-old son, Craig, were watching a kid’s craft making show on TV. The hosts were talking about making a cactus from paper and plastic. The last thing the show host said in his wonderfully strong London Cockney accent was, “and then you can paint your cactus green”.

The album was produced by Steve at Sparrow Sound Studio.

Website: Steve Sparrow

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