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Steve Deal—

Steve Deal
Artist: Steve Deal
Track: Whiskey Kisses
Single: Whiskey Kisses

A few years ago, former bus driver Steve Deal caught the imagination of many when his Four Rivers album took the No. 1 spot from Keith Urban and Taylor Swift and launched him into the spotlight, something he wasn’t looking for.

Although Steve loves writing and making music, he hates the attention—a contradiction for someone trying to etch out a living in the music industry. He works happily behind the scenes producing albums for other artists, hence the long wait between Four Rivers and his fun, catchy and addictive new single, Whiskey Kisses, the first from his upcoming EP.

The inspiration for Whiskey Kisses came after a tough night in the recording studio when Steve’s vocal coach and wife, Bek, had to pull a great vocal performance out of him using whatever was available at the time—a bottle of cheap whiskey to warm up his vocals and a few long kisses.

Website: Steve Deal

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