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Sara Storer—

Sara Storer
Artist: Sara Storer
Track: Raindance
Album: Raindance

Raindance the title track and first single from Sara Storer’s Raindance album, is a song of hope. “It also sends a message of coming together through dance and song,” says Sara. “Music is great therapy and while our nation waits on rain let’s dance and sing this drought away. As a songwriter, we can often find ourselves writing stories with a heavy heart whether it be about ourselves or others. So with regard to the drought, and the endless hardships of Aussie farmers, I felt it time to write a song of hope. A song that can lift out spirits during the nation’s wait for rain.”

The album was produced by Sara’s long-time collaborator and producer Matt Fell at Sydney’s Love Hz Studios, with Shane Nicholson engineering the drums and guitar tracks at his Central Coast Sound Hole Studios.

Website: Sara Storer

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