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Sammi Palinkas—

Sammi Palinkas
Artist: Sammi Palinkas
Track: You’ve Lived
Single: You’ve Lived

Hot off the back of her first Country single Meet in the Middle, Sammi Palinkas has released her new single You’ve Lived, a contemporary country song that demonstrates her ability to write relatable songs about life and showcases her distinct vocal tone and ability.

After growing up on a diverse range of music including Country greats such as Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Dusty Springfield and Loretta Lynn, Sammi’s journey in the music industry began at a young age, winning a national televised singing competition at age eight, and starring in the Melbourne season of “Annie” at age eleven. Over the years, she has developed her craft and written for many years between Australia and the US (LA, NY, Nashville), collaborating with renowned songwriters and producers.

Sammi is currently recording her debut album with award-winning Producer Rod McCormack. Her second single You’ve Lived, written with Rod McCormack and Nashville-based Sam Gay, and Templeton Thompson, is about finding your way in life and accepting the imperfections in your journey to get there. “Rod, Sam, Templeton and I had a great time writing this song, taking some time to reflect on and swap stories about life in the process,” Sammi says. “I was having a conversation with Rod one afternoon about the trials and tribulations of life, and he told me a story to which I replied, ‘that just means you’ve lived’. That line fast became the sentiment of our song.

“As adults we tend to talk about life in absolutes like success and failure. We rarely acknowledge the wrong roads, mistakes, and choices that eventually landed us right where we were meant to be. We wanted to convey a message of hope, that everyone has a past for better or worse, and that equally we all have history, experiences, ghosts and scars we might not be proud of, but ‘that just means you’ve lived’. I fell in love with the Country genre during the late 90’s and 2000’s, and I’ve always loved Lady A.. For this song we drew inspiration from their 2000’s sound, the simple insightful messaging and memorable cross-genre melodies. I hope You’ve Lived is a song that listeners find uplifting and relatable.”

Website: Sammi Palinkas

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