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Samantha Mooney—

Samantha Moon
Artist: Samantha Mooney
Track: Dive in Deep
Album: Dive in Deep

Dive in Deep is the new album from Gold Coast singer–songwriter Samantha Mooney. The album features songs ranging from ballads to up-tempo and features themes of reflection, empowerment, hope and love. Her new single, the title track from the album, was written with the idea that love today can be a complicated issue, especially when people are afraid of being hurt, but sometimes it’s okay to just be really positive and go for it!

A long time Gold Coast resident, Samantha has been performing since the mid-1990s. For many years she has been in covers/corporate band Scorpio as the lead singer performing at most clubs and function venues throughout Queensland.

Samantha completed her first album of original country/pop songs, Paper Memories in 2005 and has performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Gympie Music Festival and big Gold Coast events such as Relay for Life, Broadbeach Christmas Carols (alongside Denis Walter and Marina Prior) and the Burleigh Christmas Carols.

Samantha won the Australian Songwriters Association’s national songwriting competition in 2014 for the Country Category with her song Brand New Life and in 2017 she was awarded the prestigious Rudy Brandsma Award for her song Free and Fearless.

Website: Samantha Mooney

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