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Route 33—

Route 33
Artist: Route 33
Track: Kryptonite
Single: Kryptonite

Kryptonite is the latest single by Route 33, comprising Trent McArdle and Jock Barnes from Ipswich, Queensland, and now living in Brisbane.

Jock says he believes the single resonates with radio because of its upbeat rock flavour. “It’s got more of that rock twist that we’re known for which is different from a lot of pop coming through in other modern country artists,” he says. “It seems to be setting us apart. It is a little more natural for us because I grew up with the country influences and Trent grew up on 90s rock influences. Kryptonite has an upbeat, fun, rock sound to it, which I think is lacking a bit out there.”

Website: Route 33

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