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Ray Ryder—

Ray Ryder
Artist: Ray Ryder
Track: Wasting Time
Single: Wasting Time

Ray Ryder, multi-instrumentalist with natural talents and imitable style, is on track to becoming Australia’s next bona fide country music star.

Hailing from Western Australia, Ray has been writing, recording and touring his brand of southern country-rock and country-pop for years, delighting country music fans across the nation. His new track, Wasting Time, is a spirited yet reflective look at the past with Ray’s indelible style of contemporary country-pop-rock stamped all over it.

Recently returned from Nashville, where he played a series of high-profile showcase gigs, Ray is sure to add to his growing stature as a country artist, with Wasting Time a noteworthy introduction to his music.

Website: Ray Ryder

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