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No Promises
Artist: No Promises
Track: Drive
Album: Drive

Eric Collier and Janine Garvey, both accomplished singers and musicians in their own right, have joined forces as No Promises. Both have demonstrated their abilities individually, and now, bringing their voices together on Drive, there is a sense of alchemy.

Janine is a prolific songwriter having already written more than 150 songs in just ten months, crossing genre boundaries. Combined with Eric’s songs and musical arrangements, their album Drive, due later this year, will deliver a stunning collection of great tracks. Most bands and artists strive to create music that will be well received by a particular demographic. The demographic that will enjoy Janine and Eric’s work can only be defined as “most music lovers”.

Janine and Eric discovered a strong artistic connection during a number of writing and rehearsal sessions in the middle of last year. Their debut album Acoustic Sessions Volume One included tracks Liar that would sit comfortably on a Melissa Etheridge album, and their first single from the album, the emotional ballad, Break the Fall, with notes of Stevie Nicks and the clear influence of Fleetwood Mac. Then line up their very first standalone release, the country heartbreaker, Love Me or Leave Me, that could just as easily be found on a Kasey Chambers’s album, or second release, the very rocking Private Wasteland that could belong on a Powderfinger album.

Website: No Promises

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