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Neilly Rich
Artist: NeillyRich
Track: Stop Loving You
Single: Stop Loving You

Stop Loving You is the third catchy country pop single from NeillyRich’s forthcoming studio album.

The song marks a milestone for Matt McNeilly and Amelia Richards, being the first track they’re released that was penned in Nashville, co-written with Phil Barton during a 2019 song-writing trip. It follows on from their recent hits, Hey You and Firewood.

Stop Loving You references a couple close to the duo who were together for a while, loved one another, but the relationship just wasn’t healthy. There were underpinning flaws in their connection, and despite countless attempts to make it work, they just couldn’t find the way back to each other. To this day, both people openly admit they are still in love, but better off apart.

Website: Neilly Rich

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