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Nathan May
Artist: Nathan May
Track: Home
Single: Home

Rising star, Nathan May’s new meditative single, Home, instantly evokes a sense of calm. Inspired by Nathan’s affinity for wet weather, the song emerged from a bout of homesickness. “I started writing this song when I first moved away from my home,” he reveals. “I was a 17-year-old who’d never really been away from my family. But every time it started raining, I would think about home.”

The theme of rain trickles through every facet of the track, from its vivid lyrics to its free-flowing production. Nathan says writing the song took several years. “I started writing it in Adelaide all those years ago,” admits the Arabana, Yawuru and Marridjabin man. Upon returning home to Darwin for the holidays he attempted to complete it and gained a little help. “The song finally came together in a great collaboration with Colin Buchanan, which was a nice finishing touch that I thought the song needed.” The song’s heart-warming story of belonging is artfully delivered thanks to the duo’s clever lyricism, “Well you know I love the rain, I’m feeling back home again.”

Produced by Nathan’s mentor James Gillard, the track features an incredible display of musicianship. With tracking taking place at The Music Cellar on the NSW Central Coast, James (bass), Rod McCormack (acoustic guitar), and Scott Hills (Drums) built the foundations before legends Vance Burrow (electric guitar), and Lawrie Minson (harmonica) applied the finishing touches. The result is a track that lives and breathes alongside Nathan’s stoic vocal, like a rainstorm softly beating on a tin roof.

Website: Nathan May

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