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Natalie Pearson—

Natalie Pearson
Artist: Natalie Pearson
Track: Let ’Em Talk
Single: Let ’Em Talk

Natalie Pearson’s Let ’Em Talk is an edgy, powerful, sassy country-rock song with something to say. It was co-written with Jake Sinclair and Luke Austen.

“Words can be so much more powerful than we give credit for. They can speak love, hate, truth, and lies. They can sway a situation by what we say, or what we omit. They can lift a person up, and they can tear a person down. Ignore the noise and shine for who you are—Let ’Em Talk. I think we all need that reminder,” says Pearson.

Produced by Adrian Hannan, the track showcases Natalie’s incredible vocal range and strength.

Website: Natalie Pearson

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