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Natalie Henry—

Natalie Henry
Artist: Natalie Henry
Track: Weed, Wine and Women
Single: Weed, Wine and Women

Natalie Henry’s Weed, Wine and Women, is the first single from her new album.

Weed, Wine and Women is my gritty, shameless break-up anthem,” says Natalie. “Picture day-drunk, alone in a dark room, smokin’ inside. I needed to put those vibes on this first single, because I spent a lot of 2020 feeling this way after goin’ through a breakup of my own. I didn’t wanna polish up the story tellin’ away from the authentic experience that so many of us go through,” she adds.

The alt-country track is produced by accomplished Country music heavyweight Catherine Britt, as well as ARIA charting producer Michael Muchow, with the Hussy Hicks making an appearance on backing vocals and harmonica.

Website: Natalie Henry

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