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Natalie Henry—

Natalie Henry
Artist: Natalie Henry
Track: Water Over Wine
Album: Apple and Pride

Natalie Henry’s new single, Water Over Wine, produced by Michael Muchow, from Moko Productions, has tough shoes to fill given that every one of Natalie’s previous singles has hit No. 1 on the iTunes Country Singles Chart on the day of its release. Natalie says the track is a result of “writing songs about motherhood and the trials and tribulations of a divorce. I feel like Water Over Wine is the perfect country song for a new generation of women and mothers.”

“It’s not only my story but it embodies the story of all women who’ve been made to feel lesser for leaving a relationship. In spite of making it harder on themselves, mothers, lovers and friends choose water over wine.”

Natalie has supported acts including Catherine Britt, Sara Storer, Fanny Lumsden, and Bill Chambers who has described Natalie as having a “unique voice” and playing music “that straddles that ragged fence between country and folksy blues.”

Website: Natalie Henry

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