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Millar Jukes—

Millar Jukes
Artist: Millar Jukes
Track: Don’t Worry
Single: Don’t Worry

From the first soothing notes of Millar Jukes’s gravelly tone, the message is clear, don’t worry about a thing you can’t change. But one thing that Millar has changed in recent times is his musical style, with his new single Don’t Worry a far cry from his 2015’s Chase the Sun EP. The new sound is raw, horn-heavy and sure to have hips moving through dimly lit rooms in no time.

Don’t Worry is the result of a rough time for Melbourne-based Millar. “I was going through a break up, was made redundant from my job and then, as a result, lost my apartment. I was pretty low, but I realised that this is just part of life and you have to pick yourself up and get on with it. The whole experience made me a whole lot stronger and inspired me to not only write new music, but to also find a new sound altogether.”

The single was recorded with Lachlan Bryan and Damian Cafarella at their EoR Studios in Victoria.

Website: Millar Jukes

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