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Michelle Gardiner—

Michelle Gardiner
Artist: Michelle Gardiner
Track: Sing Me a Memory
Single: Sing Me a Memory

Michelle Gardiner is a Melbourne based singer–songwriter, wife and mother, who pours her heart and soul into the songs she writes and into all of her performances.

Growing up surrounded by music, guitars and family sing-a-longs, Michelle was always intended for some kind of musical journey. Primarily inspired by both classic and contemporary country music, her unique sound finds its place somewhere within the country/pop/rock genres. Performing covers for most of her early career, she has now introduced song writing into her repertoire with music filled with messages of love, life, hope, honesty and understanding.

Sing Me a Memory, a catchy, heartfelt, feel good song will have you reminiscing about times gone by and tapping your foot along the way.

Website: Michelle Gardiner

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