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Michael Waugh
Artist: Michael Waugh
Track: This Song Reminds Me
Single: This Song Reminds Me

This Song Reminds Me is the first single from Michael Waugh’s forthcoming album. It follows 2018’s The Asphalt & The Oval (winner of 2018’s The Age Music Victoria Awards Best Folk and Roots Album), and 2016’s What We Might Be. It is Michael’s third studio project with multiple ARIA and Golden Guitar Award winning producer Shane Nicholson.

The album is squarely focused on our national identity. Talking about composing this first single, Michael jokes, “I do a great deal of songwriting on bikes ... while it’s sometimes hard to hold a guitar and steer, This Song Reminds Me was written while pedalling through the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond.

“The song’s chorus and outro include a list of Australian artists who have inspired me; bands whose songs are like time machines—they take me to times and places and relationships that were. Theirs are the voices that remember me—even when I’ve forgotten those parts of myself. Their songs remind me of being young, partying, being drunk, being heartbroken, being in love, of best mates, of my farm, of radio on long country drives. Their songs have followed me through my life. They are the soundtrack to where I’ve been.

“But I had written about 45 variations of this list of Aussie legends—because our country has a rich tradition of music that defines us, too many to name in one song. And I wanted to get it right! So, while cycling, singing the 46th list of Australia’s rock royalty, and trying to avoid being hit by a truck, I waited for a sign. And then, it happened: Molly Meldrum stepped out of his Richmond home to collect his garbage bins! Surely this was an epiphany from the Countdown Gods, heralding that I should ‘do myself a favour’ and keep this particular version of the lyrics.”

Website: Michael Waugh

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