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Michael Carpenter—

Michael Carpenter
Artist: Michael Carpenter
Track: The Start of Being Alone
Single: The Start of Being Alone

The Start of Being Alone is Michael Carpenter’s new single. It is a punchy alternative country/pop track where Michael, Sydney-based singer–songwriter and producer, wears all the hats—writing, producing, engineering, and playing all the instruments.

The track is a potent dedication to the end of a relationship, and the need to move on to the next stage of life. With thumping drums, driving guitars and Hammond organs, a classic harmonica motif and Michael’s yearning and insistent vocal, the track makes a statement that this well-travelled artist is back and ready for the next stage of his solo career.

Michael’s record production dates back to 1992. As a well-regarded producer and engineer he has around 1700 projects, including almost 1000 album production credits under his belt, including ARIA and Golden Guitar nominated projects.

As an artist, Michael released his debut album in the US in 1999. Since then he has released 32 projects, including his original songwriting collaborations with The April Family, Carpenter Caswell, The Supahip, The Finkers and with his country band The Cuban Heels. His solo and cover albums range from powerpop, garage pop, alt country to retropop, and everything in between. With the release of the 2016 powerpop album The Big Radio, Michael claimed he was going into “solo artist retirement”. That album proved to be a career highpoint, ranking at the top of many of the influential powerpop Best of 2016 album lists.

Michael says, “It felt good to treat myself as an artist again. In the time since The Big Radio I’d been predominantly making country records, so my own style of playing and producing had evolved, and I felt good about having this part of my creative world come to life again in this way.”

Website: Michael Carpenter

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