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Michael Burrows—

Michael Burrows
Artist: Michael Burrows
Track: Please Don’t Cry
Single: Please Don’t Cry

Michael Burrows’s Please Don’t Cry was recorded at Neil Finn’s world-class Roundhead studios in Auckland, New Zealand. Neil provided his distinctive vocal harmonies, played the Wurlitzer piano, came up with the arrangement and produced the rhythm tracks.

Michael and Neil tried Please Don't Cry in different forms, from punk to Johnny Cash. Neil instinctively kept returning to the slower, late night, almost drunken apologetic feel as the best version.

“I knew in my heart that he was completely right. It was also in a place that felt more age appropriate. It was a great lesson in honouring the song and doing what was right for the song,” says Michael.

The final result is a beautifully recorded, warm melodic gem, with a touch of the Beatles. “I have played this track to death over the past couple of years and feel privileged that I have heard an unreleased version of my song featuring my favourite songwriter. It’s now time to share it with the world.”

Website: Michael Burrows

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