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Melody Moko—

Melody Moko
Artist: Melody Moko
Track: Like Hank Would
Single: Like Hank Would

Inspired by a tour in the US and a visit to The Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, Like Hank Would, Melody Moko’s new single, is a revenge song that brings all the elements of country music together in one track and features the stand-out pedal steel of Fats Kaplins.

Melody’s style is a natural and heartfelt extension of her personality and perspective on life. Her songs come under the wide umbrella of Americana yet they inhabit all its intriguing corners, travelling from melancholic alt-country to pining country songs, uplifting pop-tinged revelry and proud and powerful balladry.

Born and raised in Adelaide, with a father who was a passionate and encouraging music enthusiast, Melody knew early on that she wanted to sing like Linda Ronstadt, and write songs like Bob Dylan. That awareness of song and performance led to her travelling around Australia, playing her songs and winning songwriting awards in her early teens.

Website: Melody Moko

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