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Melody Moko—

Melody Moko
Artist: Melody Moko
Track: Mama
Album: Two Kids and a Radio

Melody Moko, recently crowned New Talent of the Year at the 49th Golden Guitar Awards, has released her new single, Mama. “I found, as a mum, and as a woman, I was always being asked by all the other mums, what my REAL job was,” says Melody. “Mama is for the doubters, the ones who always ask musicians when they are going to get a real job. I just got tired of being asked that question so I wrote this song instead—its one of my favourite feels on the record.”

The single is also timed as a bit of tongue in cheek irony upon the arrival of her third child due in March.

As the fourth track to be lifted from her album, Two Kids and a Radio, Mama comes off the back of her three Golden Guitar Award nominations for ALT Country Album, Female Artist and New Talent of the Year. Two Kids and a Radio provides listeners with a new picture of Melody, one that is a product of her life on the road, as a mother, a woman and, particularly a woman in the music industry. Mama looks set to continue down her beautiful path of success.

Website: Melody Moko

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