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Melanie Gray—

Melanie Gray
Artist: Melanie Gray
Track: My Bet’s On Love
Single: My Bet’s On Love

Melanie Gray says of her new single, My Bet’s On Love, “I believe our basic instinct as human beings is to help one another. This has been my experience countless of times. No matter how much hate there is in the world, ‘If we’re gonna fight? If we’re taking sides? My bet’s on LOVE!’”

With a heart filled with adventure, a soul inspired by the Australian landscape and a voice that soars, Melanie is putting a modern spin on Australiana music. Inspired by a life of adventures around Australia, she writes songs that entice you back to the country. There’s a refreshing authenticity to her songwriting which is unashamedly celebratory, it’s genuinely optimistic, and her songs have a knack for creeping into your heart and filling it with sincere joy. Musically it feels like you’re flying above incredible Australian landscapes—almost like a bird’s eye view of our beautiful country translated through song.

Her style is reminiscent of down-to-earth and lyrical country music artists Sara Storer and Graeme Connors. But she owns the modern Australiana country music style with her own heart-felt, catchy and sometimes comical interpretation of stories. Her unique compositional style has been influenced by experiences in pop, bossa nova, jazz and classical bands, but the undeniable influence on her music is the celebration of panoramas, histories and cultures that make up our beautiful Australia.

Website: Melanie Gray

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