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Melanie Gray—

Melanie Gray
Artist: Melanie Gray
Track: Drive Slow
Single: Drive Slow

Drive Slow is the ultimate driving song, captivating the spirit of romantic beginnings and great outdoor adventures. With a heart filled with adventure, a soul inspired by the Australian landscape and a voice that soars, Melanie Gray is putting a modern spin on Australiana music.

Inspired by a life of adventures around Australia, Melanie writes songs that entice listeners to the country. There’s a refreshing authenticity to her songs which are unashamedly celebratory and genuinely optimistic and which have a knack for creeping into your heart and filling it with sincere joy. Musically it feels like you’re flying above incredible Australian landscapes—almost like a bird’s eye view of our beautiful country translated through song.

Melanie’s latest release, Drive Slow, is about taking time out to explore the great outdoors in pursuit of a new love interest. “There are many awe-inspiring adventures to be had up here in the Top End,” she says. “How perfect would it be to get to know someone against the backdrop of the mighty Katherine Gorge, explore countless waterfalls or take off fishing at Dundee Beach! But no matter where you live—there’s so many astounding places to explore. When it comes to life, love and the great outdoors … keep the gears in low and Drive Slow!”

Website: Melanie Gray

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