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Melanie Dyer—

Melanie Dyer
Artist: Melanie Dyer
Track: Memphis T-Shirt
Single: Memphis T-Shirt

Following her previous pop-country single hits Fresh and Save My Cents, Melanie Dyer returns with her next smash-hit single, Memphis T-Shirt.

On a month-long song-writing trip to America last year Melanie took a road trip to Memphis with a few good friends. Wandering around Graceland, visiting the home of Elvis and seeing his collection of vintage cars and private jets, there was something magical about the visit. Melanie says, “The next morning I had a songwriting session in Nashville. I put on the Memphis T-Shirt I purchased and looked in the mirror. It was like a light-bulb moment, I knew that today I would write a song about Memphis. I quickly recorded a few voice memos on my phone with the lyrics ‘Memphis on my mind’, took it to the session and we built the song from there.”

While it may not be normal to meet two complete strangers and pour out your thoughts and feelings, when Melanie met co-writers Karen Kosowski and Emma-Lee they were into the idea and the song came to life organically. “I think we were having so much fun with it that we knew this song had something special,” she says.

Website: Melanie Dyer

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