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Marty Rhone—

Aleyce Simmonds
Artist: Marty Rhone
Track: We Had a Good Thing Goin’
Single: We Had a Good Thing Goin’

From the moment the banjo intro starts, and the drums kick in, to the catchy chorus that will linger happily in your head, this is one song that will challenge you to keep your feet from tappin’ to the rhythm. It’s a “feel good” song that will evoke every great thing you’ve ever done or experienced in your life; the kind of song that makes you feel great to be alive. “We Had a Good Thing Goin’” was written by Marty Rhone and Australia’s most successful, prolific country songwriter Garth Porter.

It was Marty’s hit country song Graceland on the Line that was released to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley that attracted producer / engineer David J Holman at Cactus Studios in Los Angeles who has worked with, among others, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, Xanadu, Bush and Olivia Newton-John, to work with Marty to bring this new catchy, uplifting song to life. We Had a Good Thing Goin’ promises to be Marty’s next big hit.

Website: Marty Rhone

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