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Mark Fitzsummons—

Mark Fitzsummons
Artist: Mark Fitzsummons
Track: Southern
Single: Southern

Southern is Mark Fitzsummons’s first new music since his debut album, Bittersweet, in 2014.

Southern is an Americana-styled song about the ongoing battles between country music radio and fans and what they deem to be American or Australian country music. Mark takes the line of comparison to show just how similar the two country styles really are.

Mark is an award winning singer–songwriter, nominated as a Top Ten Australian songwriter in 2016. Born and raised in Country Music Capital Tamworth, he now lives on the Central Coast of NSW. He has continued to develop as an independent singer–songwriter, receiving numerous acknowledgements, including recognition as a Top 10 Australian song writer (ASA) in 2016.

He travelled to Nashville, USA, in 2018 to further develop his song-writing talents, and then returned to the Hillbilly Hut studio to work with Simon Johnson to produce the songs that will become the EP, Southern, a convergence of styles recognising that great country music is great music, regardless of what side of the Pacific the listener resides.

Website: Mark Fitzsummons

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