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Mandy Collins—

Mandy Collins
Artist: Mandy Collins
Track: I’ll Find You
Single: I’ll Find You

Mandy Collins has released her debut single I’ll Find You, a track with a great fun vibe about it, a bluesy country, front porch kind of thing, which will resonate with rural and regional Australians and their country roots.

Mandy, ‘Moo’, has always loved to sing. Raised in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, music was a way of life, with her father touring the country playing in bands and igniting her lifelong passion for performing.

Her love for country music was kindled at an early age by role models and song writing inspirations such as Tammy Wynette, Jeannie C. Riley and Trisha Yearwood, then further nurtured by her parents and well know award winning singer songwriter brother, Travis Collins.

Website: Mandy Collins

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