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Lucie Tiger—

Lucie Tiger
Artist: Lucie Tiger
Track: Midnight Goodbye
Single: Midnight Goodbye

Fresh from the success of her last single Found My Home, which made a big splash in Nashville as well as on charts locally, award-winning artist Lucie Tiger roars back with her new single Midnight Goodbye, a rollicking song to put an end to bad luck.

Midnight Goodbye was recorded on two continents on opposite sides of the world where travel was impossible due to the global pandemic. “The single was supposed to be recorded on my 2020 USA tour in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. This obviously didn’t happen! What we did instead was I recorded demos and sent them to the guys in East Avalon Recorders in Muscle Shoals. They recorded their parts; I did my vocals and guitar here in Sydney and they finished it off over there,” says Lucie.

The track features some session musician heavyweights including Bob Wray on bass, Will McFarlane on guitar, and Justin Holder on drums. Lucie’s vocals and guitars were recorded with Ben Reyden of Courtyard Studios.

Midnight Goodbye is a song to pick the listener up after a bad relationship breakdown. “I think it definitely speaks to that universal feeling of when you’ve just had your heart broken and you just want that other person to get their boots on and get out the door! You just want to go out to a bar and have a good time and not think about being heartbroken for a little while. I think everyone can relate to that at some point in their lives,” says Lucie.

Born and raised in Sydney, Lucie has a degree in music performance. She is a three times Australian Songwriters Association nominee, and her track Gasoline won the Tamworth Songwriters Association award for Country Blues in 2021.

Website: Lucie Tiger

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