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Lily Grace and James Blundell—

Lily Grace and James Blundell
Artist: Lily Grace and James Blundell
Track: Annie June
Single: Annie June

Annie June was written by Lily Grace and James Blundell. The song was inspired by a scene where a husband introduces his new girlfriend into a family situation. This woman is blamed for everything and is portrayed as a homewrecker. The song takes the audience on a journey of discovery where they come to an understanding that Annie June is not the sole cause of the family’s problems as people originally thought. This song will resonate with anyone who has come from a broken family situation. When new people are introduced they can experience hatred towards them but they must understand that they are not the entire problem, and sometimes the fractures that already exist within the family are the underlying problem.

From the Gold Coast, 15-year-old Lily is already turning industry heads, collaborating with iconic Australian country artists and drawing strong crowds. With seamless guitar-playing and mesmerizing voice, Lily is a genuine, grounded performer who sings from the heart. Her relaxed, easy-listening style and warm and natural stage presence, leave audiences transfixed by her talent and unique style.

Naturally gifted, Lily began singing at ten years of age. She dived deeper into music when she was given her first guitar at the age of eleven. Her determination to self-fund her own equipment saw her busking at local markets, and soon after, attracting her to local cafes, restaurants and festivals. With several years’ stage experience already behind her, Lily delivers her own storytelling originals alongside a vast collection of popular, crowd-pleasing favourites from contemporary, classics, and country. The emotions of love, determination, kindness, gratitude and pure joy pour forth in every performance.

Website: Lily Grace

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