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Liam Kennedy-Clark—

Liam Kennedy-Clark
Artist: Liam Kennedy-Clark
Track: Game & Trade
Single: Game & Trade

Liam Kennedy-Clark’s new single, Game & Trade has a fresh sound and uplifting vibe, which will have listeners singing along halfway through the first listen.

“I produced this single and I’ve had parts going down on it for about a year and been slowly building it up and I wanted to aim this single, and the upcoming album, at a Jackson Brown meets the Little River Band sound,” says Liam. “The aim of the new music is to do it all without electric guitar.”

Written with Queensland songwriter Kelly Cork, Liam was inspired to write Game & Trade based on his life in music, after being offered numerous internships and apprenticeships during high school. “In hindsight, it would have been clever to say yes when I go home (to New Zealand), and people constantly ask if I’ve got a real job yet,” he says. “But I love music and I wouldn’t trade anything. It’s fun, and if you can make it work, it’s a hard slog.”

Bringing their musical A-games to this recording are Michael Carpenter, Rod McCormack, Lyn Bowtell on backing vocals, Mike Johnson from Nashville on pedal steel, Ross Irwin arranging the horns, and Gabi Louise on strings. “The first instrument I wanted to pay was trumpet, and I’ve always had a love for horns and brass and pedal steel is the only instrument I really love that I can’t play,” Liam says. “I play just about every genre and I’ve produced everything from bro country to alt country to Americana for other artists and, with my own music, I want to do something that I love whether it gets accepted by people or not.”

Website: Liam Kennedy-Clark

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