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Lee Kernaghan
Artist: Lee Kernaghan
Track: Backroad Nation
Album: Backroad Nation

Lee Kernaghan’s new album, Backroad Nation was produced by Grammy nominated producer and songwriter, Lindsay Rimes.

Lee says “Backroad Nation is about feeling that good vibration when you get off the beaten track and the country wraps itself around you. My absolute passion in life is to sing about us, our country, our way of life and that’s what the new album is all about.”

He explains, “Much of the inspiration for the songs has come from the people I've met and the places I've travelled to, from Alice Springs to the Deni Ute Muster, from the mighty Pilbara region in WA to backroads in Queensland, and everywhere in between.

"This album has taken me to places I haven’t been before musically. I've pushed every element of this record to the absolute limits and have collaborated with some of the finest writers and music makers in the world today. This included ARIA Hall of Fame’s Garth Porter (Executive Producer); along with hit songwriters Colin Buchanan, Lindsay Rimes, Phil Barton and Nick Wolfe who all played an integral part in the song writing journey for this release. I love this album. Every song is a true story and telling it how it is and keeping it authentic was always my number one intention."

Website: Lee Kernaghan

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