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Larissa Uebergang—

Larissa Uebergang
Artist: Larissa Uebergang
Track: Liar
Album: Never a Pearl

Singer and songwriter with a passion for sharing compelling stories with her audience, Larissa Uebergang, who has spent the majority of her adult life raising children, cattle, calves and lambs, and along with her husband, spent years managing rural properties, has released the first single, Liar from her forthcoming debut album, Never a Pearl.

Produced by Aria Award winning producer Shane Nicholson, Never a Pearl will have listeners laughing hysterically, taking them down memory lane, and may make some cry as it takes you on a beautiful storybook journey. “A song isn’t a song if it’s just words on a piece of paper that sits collecting dust in a drawer,” says Larissa. “I feel like this is my calling. I’ve always had a love for writing and singing and no matter where my life has taken me, I’ve always come back to music.”

Website: Larissa Uebergang

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