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Lance Friend—

Lance Friend
Artist: Lance Friend
Track: Ned Kelly Said
Single: Ned Kelly Said

Ned Kelly Said will be the song that sees Lance Friend bursting back on the airwaves after what has been an extended break from the industry. A labour of love spanning decades is now testament to a young boy’s school excursion to Glenrowan and the effect this visit still holds over him today.

Like him or loath him, Ned Kelly is undoubtedly an international icon for Australia. In this song Lance has hinted that “There is a little bit of Ned in all of us” as Australians continue to acknowledge his existence with various new movies, tattoos, hair styles, beards and memorabilia. The message is clear, “It’s okay to be a proud Australian and honour our history.”

Working with one of Australia’s finest producers, Brendan Radford, Lance released his first solo album in 2012 titled The Album. He has been back in the studio with Brendan working on his new songs alongside some of Australia’s finest musicians including Lawrie Minson, James Gillard, Michel Rose, Vaughan Jones, Mick Albeck and the late Glen Hannah.

Lance has a swag of new songs set to be released.

Website: Lance Friend

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