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Kylie Ryan—

Kylie Ryan
Artist: Kylie Ryan
Track: Country Rock N Roll
Single: Country Rock N Roll

Sydney singer-songwriter Kylie Ryan has released her latest single, Country Rock N Roll.

Originally from Inverell and Wagga Wagga, and now living in Baulkham Hills, Kylie has her roots deep in the country, but likes to mix her music with a little bit of rock ’n’ roll, as evidenced in this new track, Kylie’s first release in two years.

After recording the track, Kylie suffered serious vocal issues and had to learn to sing again. Now she’s back stronger than ever. Kylie said she loved the feel of Country Rock ’n’ Roll because it was upbeat and happy. “I’ve had this song recorded for two years,” she says. “Michael Carpenter and I had a great time writing this track to finally release it,” she said. Country Rock ’n’ Roll was inspired by punters asking Kylie what sort of music she performed.

“I love when I’m going for a walk or in the gym and I put country on and it’s upbeat, boppy songs and you just feel good,” says Kylie. “It’s a mood-changer and we really need a mood-changer this year. It’s also a nod back to the country greats who came before us and a bit hopeful of better times for when we can go back to life. I’m hoping that it gets into people’s heads and becomes a bit of an earworm because I feel like it’s something I would listen to and tap along to while I’m driving.”

Website: Kylie Ryan

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