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Kristy James—

Kristy James
Artist: Kristy James
Track: Everything to Nothing
Album: Raw

Everything to Nothing is the latest single from Kristy James’s RAW EP released in the middle of last year.

Co-written with Matt Scullion, Everything to Nothing is a big track, it’s angry, a story of a woman trying to understand what happened to her relationship and how you can go from being someone’s everything to their nothing, literally overnight. A musically powerful country rock song, it explores many of the emotions felt when we’re faced with a loved one turning “cold” and it poses a series of questions basically asking, “Why?”

“This one of my favourite pieces I have written,” says Kristy. When Matt and I decided to write a song together we wanted to challenge ourselves and write a song with the same repetition of chords. I really love the outcome.”

Website: Kristy James

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