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Kora Naughton—

Kora Naughton
Artist: Kora Naughton
Track: Speechless
Single: Speechless

Kora Naughton has unleashed her brand new, self-penned single, Speechless, from her forthcoming album, follow up to her acclaimed debut, Ride or Die.

Speechless heralds a new direction in sound, taking 18-year-old Kora into a country pop direction.

“I was sitting around in my lounge room and I had this melody that I really wanted to use stuck in my head but I had a bit of writers’ block, so, as a joke, I literally wrote about having a catchy tune and a melody and no words to go with it and it ended up being the first verse!” says Kora. “The song turned into something different, something a little bit fun and upbeat that has a sense of cheekiness about it. I’m really excited about how people are going to react to this song because it’s so unlike anything I’ve done previously”, she says.

2019 has been a big year for Kora. Not only has she recently completed her Year 12 studies but she’s also been hard at work in the studio with producers Rod Motby and Shane Nicholson working on new material. Again, the material forays into various styles, which is an exciting elevation in Kora’s development as a songwriter. “I guess that’s just part of me still discovering who I am as an artist and trying fun different things.”

Website: Kora Naughton

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