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Kirsty Lee Akers—

Kirsty Lee Akers
Artist: Kirsty Lee Akers
Track: That Ring Don’t Fit My Hand
Album: Under My Skin

That Ring Don’t Fit My Hand is the fifth single lifted from Kirsty Lee Akers’s self-produced album, Under My Skin. Influenced by Kirsty’s love of Sheryl Crow’s work, which comes through in the track’s production and style, That Ring Don’t Fit My Hand is a catchy, upbeat song.

“I wrote this with Trey Bruce and it all started from a line I had written in my phone, ‘Shelly’s twenty six, about to pop with her third kid’,” says Kirsty. “One day I was scrolling through Facebook and seeing all the people I went to school with posting about their kids/families etc. and I was thinking to myself, at age 29, how the conventional ‘get married, have kids, work a 9–5 job’ life just wasn’t something I could ever imagine for my life ... obviously there is nothing wrong with that, but it just isn’t for me.”

She continues, “I love the production of this track. The band and I had a lot of fun with it in the studio ... to me it sounds like a laid-back jam session, which is one of the reasons I made it the last track on Under My Skin. I love how it just plays out like a never-ending jam.”

The album sees Kirsty in the producer’s seat for the first time, marking her evolution as an artist. It contains ten masterfully crafted tracks, embodying her distinctive sound, powerful lyrics, and musical influences. Each song was co-written with some of the best songwriters in the industry, including Jerry Salley, Phil Barton, Trey Bruce, Bruce Wallace and others, culminating in lashings of pop and fusion of modern country and Americana styling, yet still seamlessly linking back to Kirsty’s roots. True to her signature honesty and authenticity, the listener is taken on a vivid journey through family tribulations, love, loss and the tragedy of souls taken too soon.

Website: Kirsty Lee Akers

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