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Kirsty Lee Akers—

Kirsty Lee Akers
Artist: Kirsty Lee Akers
Track: Fallin’
Album: Under My Skin

Fallin’ is the sixth single from award-winning country music artist Kirsty Lee Akers’s self-produced album, Under My Skin.

It is a song about being in love with someone who only sees you as a second option. No matter how many times you find yourself waking up alone, this person has a hold over you. Just when you think you’re over them, they have you falling for them again.

Kirsty says, “We spent two days at my house writing and Fallin’ is a song that came out of those few days. I never originally thought of recording this song myself, but it was one that always stayed in my head so when Mae Valley decided to go their separate ways and didn’t end up recording as a duo, I decided this was a song I wanted on my album. We probably spent the most time on this song in production getting the sound right—it sounds very different to when we first wrote it, but it turned out great and is another one at the top of my favourites’ list.”

The album saw Kirsty in the producer’s seat for the first time, marking her evolution as an artist. It contains ten masterfully crafted tracks, embodying her distinctive sound, powerful lyrics, and musical influences.

Joining forces, each song was co-written with some of the best songwriters in the industry, including Jerry Salley, Phil Barton, Trey Bruce, Bruce Wallace and more, culminating in lashings of pop and fusion of modern country and Americana stylings, yet still seamlessly linking back to Kirsty’s roots. True to her signature honesty and authenticity, the listener is taken on a vivid journey through family tribulations, love, loss and the tragedy of souls taken too soon.

Website: Kirsty Lee Akers

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