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Kevin Sullivan—

Kevin Sullivan
Artist: Kevin Sullivan
Track: Against the Tide
Single: Against the Tide

Kevin Sullivan’s new single, Against the Tide, was produced, recorded and engineered by the legendary Matt Fell at Love HZ Studios in Sydney. “Making this single made me realise that I have to have the right team around me and embrace my sound and who I am,” says Kevin, who considers travelling to Nashville with Matt as “a turning point in my musical career. He’s an amazing producer to work with and has really understood the diversity of my songwriting and music.”

Kevin, a retired police officer, spent ten years working as a forensic crime scene investigator and was involved in both the Thredbo and Waterfall Train disasters, as well as leading a bomb squad during the Sydney Olympics.

His policing career has provided enough anecdotes for several lifetimes, but his new single, Against the Tide, focuses on a different kind of story. “One day I woke up and I realised that I had played my whole life in the Safe Zone,” he says. “Sure, I’d done some exciting things and pushed a few boundaries, but I didn’t rock the boat. I went with the flow. This song is about having the courage to embrace who you truly are and what you value while finding your voice to stand up for what you believe in. For me, that meant embracing my age, my sound and my appearance. It meant putting everything on the line for my music, even if I have to swim against the tide to get there.”

Website: Kevin Sullivan

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