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Kevin Sullivan—

Kevin Sullivan
Artist: Kevin Sullivan
Track: Unknown People
Single: Unknown People

This year is the 16th anniversary of the 2003 train disaster at Waterfall, as well as the 42nd anniversary of the 1997 Granville train disaster, both in New South Wales.

At the time of the Waterfall disaster, Kevin Sullivan was a forensic detective working on the scene. His new single Unknown People is not only about the Waterfall disaster but also about post traumatic stress disorder and the effect on emergency services personnel.

After working for decades for the police, Kevin was involved in an accident that resulted in an arm injury, preventing him from working for a couple of years. He enjoyed playing music and people often told him he should have been a singer. So he decided “you're never too old to chase your dream” and set about writing, recording and releasing his songs. He has released two albums, Belonging and Outback Austrlaia.

Website: Kevin Sullivan

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