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Kaylee Bell
Artist: Kaylee Bell
Track: Good Things
Single: Good Things

Riding the wave of her biggest year to date, Kaylee Bell is poised to set the airwaves alight once more with the release of her latest single Good Things.

In signature Kaylee style, a dynamic blend of country and pop influences, Good Things exudes optimism and an irresistible energy that will resonate with fans of all genres. With a tempo that begs the toe to tap, lyrics that herald in the warmer months, Good Things encapsulates the spirit of taking risks, pursuing dreams, and celebrating life’s brighter moments, making it a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

Produced by the acclaimed Stuart Stuart, renowned for his work with Australian hit group Sheppard, and co-written by Kaylee, Melanie Dyer, and hit-making duo MSquared, Good Things is an upbeat and infectious summer anthem that encourages dreamers and go-getters to seize the moment.

Kaylee’s powerful vocals bring a fresh and contemporary perspective to the world of country music. Her emotionally charged delivery, combined with the skilled production of those she works with in studio have seen her go to a whole new level in 2023.

Website: Kaylee Bell

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