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Katie Jayne—

Katie Jayne
Artist: Katie Jayne
Track: Use Me
Single: Use Me

Use Me takes listeners on a journey of heartache and melancholy with a hint of defiance and survival. A story of human nature, Use Me is a raw look at the emotional bruises we leave on each other.

Katie Jayne is the fresh face of pop country, taking her Dubbo roots over to the UK and bringing home a unique musical flavour. Fun and bubbly with a charm that leads the audience through complex emotional ballads back to high-energy party tunes, Katie is a songwriter who will leave you dancing.

Use Me, Katie’s third single, is an emotional ballad about the invisible bruises we leave on each other as human beings. A raw look at an artist more commonly known for her easy going, fun loving nature, Use Me shows listeners Katie’s vulnerable side. “This song is my heart laid bare, a nerve wracking thing for any artist! But the support I have received from people relating to the song and sharing their own stories with me has been overwhelming!” says Katie.

Website: Katie Jayne

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