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Katie Brooke—

Katie Brooke
Artist: Katie Brooke
Track: Too Far Down
Single: Too Far Down

For Katie Brooke, country music is a way of life. Raised on the twang of fiddle and guitar, she pens honest songs with a traditional bent, as evident in her new release, the beautifully haunting, Too Far Down.

A menagerie of acoustic guitars builds the backbone of Too Far Down, while a lonesome fiddle glides atop, the calling cards of country’s music’s roots. The procession soon gives way to Katie’s vocal, like the parting of a sea, her seraphic tones instantly draw your ear. “I dip my toe in envy waters and I start to compare”. Those opening lines eloquently summarise the song. Its message of staying true to oneself is embossed cleverly onto a metaphor of alluring waters. “Too Far Down is a vulnerable song,” reveals the singer-songwriter. “It speaks of comparison and the temptation to stray from your path, abandoning yourself in attempt to seek approval or personal gain.”

Like many deeply personal songs, a flurry of the pen spilled the lines onto the page. “This song was spontaneously and intuitively written without a lot of thought process behind it,” she says. To capture the eerie beaty of the song she called on trusted collaborator, Rusty Crook, who produced the track at his Tamworth studio. “We were really happy with this song from the demo phase and felt everything came together organically. This is the type of ethereal, dreamy song I like to work on, and Rusty’s vision always seems to match mine.”

Born and bred on a cattle property, Katie has a penchant for western flair. She continues to live on the land to this day believing it’s a fundamental part of staying genuine to who she is as a country artist.

Website: Katie Brooke

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