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Kasey Chambers—

Kasey Chambers
Artist: Kasey Chambers
Track: Hey Girl
Album: The Captain Deluxe Edition

Kasey Chambers is due to release The Captain Deluxe Edition exactly 20 years to the day since her ground breaking debut album The Captain was released on May 17, 1999. The Captain ensured her place among Australia’s most revered songwriters and recording artists.

The Captain Deluxe Edition includes memorabilia and an unreleased track from the archive, Hey Girl, compiled by Kasey to share in this unique new package.

Discussing The Captain back in 1999, Kasey said “I’d like to convert some people with this record. I think it has the potential to prove that country music has a lot more depth and soul.” How right she was! This pivotal record, the cornerstone of her outstanding career, remains one of the most extraordinary and lauded debuts by an Australian artist in any genre. The critics and the public saw The Captain for what it was, a blast of fresh air in the local country scene. Songs such as the title track, Cry Like a Baby and These Pines boasted a maturity beyond her years and a wealth of Americana-styled musical influences, yet the album had Australia and family at its core, ingredients that have been a staple of Kasey’s song-writing ever since.

Website: Kasey Chambers

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